Hello everyone! My name is Blake Peugh, and this will be my seventh year working as the NET here at Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School. I am from the United States but now call Hong Kong home. I have immensely enjoyed my time so far at Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School and am excited to continue building upon the success we have had over the last six years.

This year I will oversee our Space Town programme for all P.1, P.2 and P.3 students. In addition, I will be teaching P.1 and P.3 classes. Our English programme takes a holistic approach to teaching that includes many methods such as reading, writing, speaking and listening activities to help students learn English in a more effective manner.

If you have any questions, I am always available to meet and discuss the programme and your child’s progress with you. I am looking forward to another successful year for our students!

Hello! My name is Kiranjeet Gill and this will be my fourth year working as the NET here at Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School. I am from Hong Kong.

I will be teaching the Space Town programme for P.1, 2 students. I am very passionate about teaching English to young learners. I love doing storytelling with students. I love to chat with students of all ages and play games with them. I also love cooking and listening to music in my free time. 

I am looking forward to seeing all my students and having a great time together! 

Hello, I am Madison Fossey. I am from the U.K. and the U.S., and will be working as Native English Tutor at Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School this academic year. 

Miss Dionne and I are working together to provide a fun and interactive English environment at BCWKMS. We will be teaching P.4-6 and helping them improve their English proficiency both outside and within the classroom. We will also encourage P.1-3, to use English in their daily lives during extra-curricular activities. 

I love to travel and experience new places around the world, learning about the cultures of others. My hobbies include sailing, cooking, drawing and running. I also love to read. I am half Colombian, and can speak both English and Spanish.

Hello! I’m Dionne, one of the two new Native English Tutors at Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School. A little bit about me, I was born in Wales which is in the United Kingdom. I can speak both English and Welsh. I am a vegetarian and really enjoy both cooking and going out for food. I especially enjoy the pastries Hong Kong has to offer. I also really enjoy listening to music and have attended many live concerts such as Coldplay and Harry Styles. I will be teaching Primary 4 to 6, but myself and Miss Madison will be organising many activities for English Day, which all year groups can attend. I’m very excited to be a part of the school and meet all of the students.